Saturday, December 17, 2011

My pregancy in review

Well, before my children wake up I thought I would take a moment and review my year....or the birth of my precious little girl.   I didn't do much journal writing this let me give a recap.  

Last year around Thanksgiving...when I was 14 weeks pregnant with precious #5, I has an ultrasound done.  They doctor told me I had a low-lying placenta.  He said it could be very common, but we will just keep and eye on it.  My next doctor appointment showed that we were having a girl!!!  YAY!!  I normally don't find out what we are having...I LOVE the surprise, but I just KNEW I was suppose to have a little we found out. :) During each appointment  another ultrasound was done.  They all showed the same thing....low lying placenta.  They doctor told me that as the baby grows the uterus will grow and the placenta will move up.  I remembered this, prayed constantly that my placenta would do just that...move up and out of the way.  During my 30 week appointment it still had not moved up, so my doctor put me on bed rest at home...not completely down...but down a lot.  It was call Placenta Previa. He told me that if I should have ANY bleeding, even the smallest amount, that I was to go straight to the hospital.  

On 33 weeks 6 days along....April 17, 2011.. I woke to get ready for church.  When I went into the bathroom I noticed there was quit a bit of blood.  Scared to death, I woke Chris up and we went straight to the hospital.  But first, I hurried and showered.  You see, I was in the hospital once before when I was having the twins...and I knew they would not let me off the bed.  So a shower was a must! They put me right down, placed and IV and loaded me up with the horrible magnesium.  I was told I would most likely stay there for the rest of my pregnancy.  Let me tell you how difficult it was to have to lay day in and day out in a hospital bed!!  After about day 5 my spirits really started to get low.  My kids would come to visit for a few minutes every other day...and they could say was how bored they were!!  Like they have any idea on what boredom really is!!  I would spend lots of time crying...but mostly just praying!  Wonderful people would come and visit...I had books to read, blankets to crochet, a quilt to bind...lots of things to occupy my mind, and my time.

I had an amazing spiritual experience while in the hospital.  It was Easter Sunday, I was having a difficult time.  I knew my children were enjoy their Easter baskets full of goodies, getting ready in their new Sunday attire, just enjoy the day....and I was missing it all!!  :(   I was trying my best to have my own little sacrament meeting...I read my scriptures, listened to talks on tape, and watched church movies.  Around 11:00 I looked at the clock and family is just starting sacrament meeting.  I just started to bawl then, I mean, uncontrollable bawling.  I felt alone, and sad.  Just then, I felt the spirit surround me.  It was a very physical feeling, I felt completely surround in love.  I knew then that my Heavenly Father was very aware of me, of my sacrifice, of my worries to have this healthy baby.  And that He loved me.  My tears turned into tears of gratitude.  I cried for a good long grateful for what I just experienced.  It was unlike anything else I have ever felt.  I didn't know how this pregnancy would end...if my little baby would be okay...but I knew my Heavenly Father loved me....and that made everything okay. 

When I was first put in the hospital my goal was to make it to week 37...which was 3 weeks total.  I kept having bleeding on and off during the whole time in the hospital.  If it was brown, it was okay....if it was red, not so much.  On day 35 weeks 3 days I had some red bleeding during the early morning hours...about 4 am.  I showed the nurse, who then called the doctor.  I waited for him to come in like he did every morning around 8.  He told me that he just talked to an expert on my situation and what we were doing was still the best thing....but after you reach 35 weeks, they really don't try to stop labor if it begins.  He ordered some blood work done.  When the results came back a couple hours later, my nurse, Julie, walked in the room to tell that we were going to have to deliver today.  The lab results came back that my cells and the baby's cell have started to mix.  It is something they just don't mess with.  So, bawling I called my family.  I was heartsick that I didn't make it to 37 weeks.  I SO bad wanted to take my baby home with me, I wanted to nurse her and have her with me.  Claire Beth was born on April 27, 2011 at 1:28 p.m.  weight 5 pounds 13 ounces  18 1/2 inches long.  She was delivered via C-section...that was VERY rough!!  Two doctors....lots of nurses.. and my blood on stand by.

Claire was taken right into the NICU.  After a little bit in the recovery room they wheeled me in...still in my bed, so that I could see her for the first time.  She was the most beautiful thing I have every seen.  She was a miracle, and BIG for being that early!!  The first night after her birth I was in my post pardum room, at 4am my door opened and in came a nurse pushing a baby carriage.  They were bring Claire to me.  I could not believe it!!!  She was out of the NICU!!  They didn't even tell me...they just surprised me by bringing her to me.  It was such a miracle because they told me most babies born at this stage usually spend about 2 weeks in the NICU...she only spent 8 hours!!!  She did amazing!!   I realized that Heavenly Father does answer prayers...he just does it on His own timetable... My prayers were answered that day.  I got to have a very healthy baby that I could take home with me....I just didn't get it in the time frame I was praying for.  Claire has been a blessing to our family.  She is by far the best, most sweet natured little spirit we have.  She never fusses...she is growing SO well for being as early as she was.  She is now 7 1/2 months and weight around 18-19 pounds. I am SO blessed to be the mother of 5 amazing little ones.  Truly, the greatest thing I have every done was to become a mother.  How I love all my children!!  I am grateful for the experiences I had to help strengthen my testimony in my Lord and Savior. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Going to do better...

Well,  it is now just past Thanksgiving and Christmas decor is going up.... I have been looking back on the year and thought I have done poorly at documenting all of the amazing things that have happened to me during the year 2011.  I am going to spend more time writing what I remember...I am going to start using this blog as my memories/journal.  I feel that time is passing way too quickly and my children are growing way too fast...before I know it they will be grown and gone.  And all the things I say ~ "I will always remember that..." will be long forgotten.  So, bear with me as I go down memory lane and recap 2011 during the next few posts....when my kids are NOT right at my side begging for my attention.  And maybe my husband will finally teach me how to upload pictures from my camera to post more often on here. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Precious moment of Heaven

      Last night my kindred dearest friend gave birth to her fourth child.  Little Ali is the most sweetest, celestial little baby.  She lived just a few short hours but has touched the spirits and lives of those around her for years to come.  Ali's sweet beautiful family found out halfway through her time in her mommy's tummy that she would fulfill her mission on this earth in just minutes to hours.  With the great faith of her divinely spiritual mother and father, she was able to be loved and held by her family for three precious hours.  Showing them all what Heavenly Father's love is all about. 
      I was able to witness the most spiritual piece of Heaven in that hospital room.  With just precious Ali, whose spirit had already returned to the loving arms of our Savior, wrapped in the arms of her mother, and her father near by.  I came to take impressions of both ceramic and plaster of two tiny hands and feet.  To preserve for her family her sweet little imprints....all 3 pounds 4 oz. and 15 inches of pure perfection.  The room was so filled with the spirit that words were difficult to speak.  How much I will cherish that small moment in midnight in my dearest friend's room.  Her spirits are strong, filled with happiness and piece.  She is an inspiration to me...what I want to I want to be.  I loved my dear friend when we were in Heaven, and I love her even more here on this earth. Thank you for letting me share in such a sacred, precious moment.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It is finally over!! :)

Well, after 9 months...(a flippen pregnancy)...Youth Conference is finally over!!  We totally had a blast!  The youth in our ward ROCK!  We loved getting to know them and spend 2 days with them.  We served those in need, were fed spiritually, played fun games, did some super dare devil stuff...just plain had a blast.  I will post some fun pics as soon as I find my camera again.  Both Chris and I suffered from migraines the next day...probably because our brains forgot how to function without the constant thought of Youth Conference.  

I am glad that it will be someone else's turn next year. :) 

But, I did receive many blessings because of you see, I was being selfish....I wanted those blessings. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Craziness and more Craziness

Today I am trying to get ready for not only my precious baby girl's blessing day tomorrow...where I will be feeding some 70+ people, but I am also trying to get ready for Youth Conference....where I will need to plan activities both spiritual and fun for 60+ people for two days!! And to make matters worse, I just came down with a horrid cold.  So, I guess the old saying is true..."When it rains, it pours."  Crud, I hope I can survive until August 10th. :( 

Well, I can tell you one thing....I will not being getting out of bed that wonderful Wednesday morning...not sure if I will shower either.  All I do know is that has been a day I have been looking forward to since last November. 

Wish me luck. :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

My little Precious

Our beautiful baby #5 ~ Born April 27, 2011
Precious in her beautiful blessing dress.

Getting started

Hello everyone!!  I am starting my families blog.  I can't believe I am actually doing this...but I decided that since I am a terrible journal writer maybe I would start a blog and it would become my own journal.  Be patient while I figure blogger out. :)  Hope to post some pics real soon.