Friday, October 7, 2011

Precious moment of Heaven

      Last night my kindred dearest friend gave birth to her fourth child.  Little Ali is the most sweetest, celestial little baby.  She lived just a few short hours but has touched the spirits and lives of those around her for years to come.  Ali's sweet beautiful family found out halfway through her time in her mommy's tummy that she would fulfill her mission on this earth in just minutes to hours.  With the great faith of her divinely spiritual mother and father, she was able to be loved and held by her family for three precious hours.  Showing them all what Heavenly Father's love is all about. 
      I was able to witness the most spiritual piece of Heaven in that hospital room.  With just precious Ali, whose spirit had already returned to the loving arms of our Savior, wrapped in the arms of her mother, and her father near by.  I came to take impressions of both ceramic and plaster of two tiny hands and feet.  To preserve for her family her sweet little imprints....all 3 pounds 4 oz. and 15 inches of pure perfection.  The room was so filled with the spirit that words were difficult to speak.  How much I will cherish that small moment in midnight in my dearest friend's room.  Her spirits are strong, filled with happiness and piece.  She is an inspiration to me...what I want to I want to be.  I loved my dear friend when we were in Heaven, and I love her even more here on this earth. Thank you for letting me share in such a sacred, precious moment.